Spanish Marble Collection

It is called marble, a type of compact metamorphic rock formed from limestone rocks that, subjected to high temperatures and pressures, reach a high degree of crystallization.

The marble is a stone of great warmth with an extensive range of materials according to the chromatism offered by nature. The different finishes and textures of this collection give it a great personality and allow its application in multiple environments, being a suitable material for the current and avant-garde decoration.

Mármol Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil

Gris Pulpis Spanish Marble

Gris Pulis

Emperador Gold Spanish Marble

Emperador Gold

Amarillo Mares Spanish Marble

Amarillo Mares

Mármol Emprerador Dark

Emperador Dark

Emperador Light Spanish Marble

Emprerador Light

Rosa Zarci Spanish Marble

Rosa Zarci

Crema Valencia Spanish Marble

Crema Valencia

Negro Marquina Spanish Marble

Negro Marquina

Blanco Macael Spanish Marble

Blanco Macael

Rojo Alicante Spanish Marble

Rojo Alicante

Amarillo Triana Spanish Marble

Amarillo Triana


The marble range of Spanish Maribel Group is inimitable to that of any other company because of its spaciousness, color and access to exotic materials, which gives it a high adaptability to different applications and trends in exterior architecture and interior design.

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