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Spanish Marble Collection

Granite, an igneous rock of great beauty and exclusivity, transmits the force of nature evoking its place of origin..

Granite is one of the hardest and toughest materials in existence. It is also completely recyclable and ecological and easy to maintain.
Although the most well known are traditional granites and medium grain uniforms, the Spanish Marble Group has an extensive variety of exclusive materials of different colors, shades and shapes, including some with large veins.

Granite Porriño Pink

Porriño Pink

Granite Porriño Pink Spanish Marble

Granite Ochavo Black

Ochavo Black

Granite Ochavo Black Spanish Marble

Granite Pearl White

Pearl White

Granite Pearl White Spanish Marble

Granite Albero White

Albero White

Granite Albero White Spanish Marble

Granite Rosabel


Granite Rosabel Spanish Marble

Granite Quintana Gray

Quintana Gray

Granite Quintana Gray Spanish Marble

Granite Cristal White

Cristal White

Granite Cristal White Spanish Marble

Granite Blue Light

Blue Light

Granite Blue Light Spanish Marble

Granite Mondariz Gray

Mondariz Gray

Granite Mondariz Gray Spanish Marble

Granite Raphaela White

Raphaela White

Granite Raphaela White Spanish Marble

Granite Blue Platinum

Platinum Blue

Granite Platinum Blue Spanish Marble

Granite Extremadura Blue

Extremadura Blue

Granite Extremadura Blue Spanish Marble


The granite range of Spanish Maribel Group is inimitable to that of any other company because of its spaciousness, color and access to exotic materials, which gives it a high adaptability to different applications and trends in exterior architecture and interior design.

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