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Marmol is a company of Spanish origin.

SPANISH MARBLE GROUP is a holding company of Spanish origin since 1989, made up of different companies of extraction, commercialization and treatment, with its own quarries and highly automated production centers with a qualified technical department.

Our goal is to meet the needs of architects, designers, engineering firms and builders who are looking for functional solutions that provide the answers to the design and innovation requirements of the market.

Spanish Marble Group Factory

Company Values

Consultancy on stone selection and application.
Hydro Cutting in Marble

In continuous evolution and always looking to the future of the Natural Stone sector. The experience acquired with the passage of time and knowing how to adapt to the evolution of the market, makes Spanish Marble S.L. a pioneer firm in the natural stone sector.

Spanish Marble Group has made a great technological effort in the last years to be able to take advantage of the enormous natural wealth and to adapt to the needs of the market both national and international in great projects.

Large investments in research and machinery enable Spanish Marble Group to offer all types of solutions to architects and designers, not only from the point of view of materials but also for their processes and techniques.

Working passionately with natural stone is the philosophy of SPANISH MARBLE GROUP, offering a product with perfect finishes, where harmony and quality come together to create unique spaces.

Facade cladding, Tiles, Shelves, Steps, Cornices, Columns, Balusters, Washbasins, Bathtubs, Fireplaces. With different thicknesses and finishes (polished, polished, bushhammered, sandblasted, aged, etc).

With more than 4,000 meters and the latest technology, the qualification and experience of its workers make SPANISH MARBLE GROUP one of the leading companies in the natural stone sector.

Marble Washbasin
Spanish Marble Group Blocks Deposit

Our commitment in SPANISH MARBLE GROUP covers all the areas from the quarrying of the natural stone, through an exhaustive and supervised elaboration of the materials until direction and the placement of the material in work.

The design, specialization and quality are the pillars of our company with a long tradition but that is projected to the future through innovation, research and the diversity of its products. All to meet the demands and needs of our customers anywhere in the world.

SPANISH MARBLE GROUP since its creation in 1989 has an international vocation that has made it the leading company in the field of natural stone, being nowadays leader in the main international markets, where its clients appreciate the quality and careful elaboration of their materials.

SPANISH MARBLE GROUP provides the guarantee of a high-end product that is already present in buildings, homes and architectural works of the five continents, in countries like Canada, Japan, the United States, Arab Countries, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Luxembourg, Argentina, England or France, among others.


Más de 25 años de experiencia nos avalan en el sector de la Piedra Natural.
Thanks to our team of professionals: Engineers, technicians, commercial, administrative and operatives that compose Spanish Marble Group. They make possible the full satisfaction of our clients, this is only feasible when the people who make it possible, love what they do. The passion for Natural Stone is the engine that moves us, and the need to learn, Research, Develop and Innovate is what helps us to be better day by day.

At Spanish Marble Group we continually strive for excellence in our results and forge lasting relationships based on trust by living our core values: honesty, responsibility, discipline, loyalty, teamwork, perseverance and service attitude. These attitudes contribute to increase the value of the company for all stakeholders: Clients, Architects, Decorators and the community where we develop. Because we want to be recognized within our sector of activity as a company that maintains stable and lasting relationships with our clients, as well as with our external and internal collaborators, by fulfilling their needs and expectations.

Spanish Marble Group committed to the environment is adhered from 2014 to the “ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM 2020” promoted by the EU. With the objective of reducing the consumption of energy in all its extraction process, production and distribution of natural stone. Getting a more energy efficient final product. Contributing to the reforestation of the quarries Protecting, conserving and improving the environment.

Respeto al medioambiente
Spanish Marble Group assures the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

Quality Certificates

Without quality there is no leadership …

Company Statistics

Our statistics, projects and clients support us.

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Spanish Marble Group offers comprehensive advice in order to facilitate the best choice of materials for the execution of your project.

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